Started in 1997 August in KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, under the guidance of Col. A. K. Singh, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. B. B. Putti and senior physiotherapist Dr. M.G. Mokashi. It is of its kind in North Karnataka, South Maharashtra & Goa to provide imported prosthesis & Orthosis. It has been done in collaboration with Endolite prosthesis system, an U.K. company and Otto-Bock orthotic and prosthetic system, an German company. It also fabricates prosthesis and orthosis of conventional design for different patients. This limb centre was working as ADIP (Assistance to Disable Persons) implementation centre for department of child & women welfare Government of Karnataka.

Now our Artificial Limb Centre is running under the guidance of Orthotist & Prosthetist Dr. Shridhar Naik.

Short Notes & Types of Prosthesis / Orthodics

    • A. K. System with lp+knee – PTB Orthosis
    • A. K. System with ESK PSPS – Phyilolphia Collar
    • A. K. with servo with MF – Public Harness
    • A. K. System MKL CM/E – Ischial weight relieving orthosis
    • A: K. System with EUKPSPC – PTB weight relieving orthosis
    • A: K. System with EUKPSPC – D B Splint
    • A. K. System with EUKSAKL – Somi

    • B. K. System with m/f & TES – ASH
    • B. K. System with DR2 – Boston
    • K. System LSA m/f – Miami (Brase)
    • B. K. System with Sach Foot – Milwakee
    • A. K. System – Long opponence with attachment (Splint)
    • B. K. System – Air Plane Splint