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KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC Smile Train Project

Agreement between the Smile Train, New York and the KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC , Was signed on 14th March 2002, to provide a compreluvise CLP treatment free of cost to the patients

The Project began on 1st April 2002. The Team Providing Cleft care includes,

Dr. Rajesh Powar

Plastic Surgeon and Project Director

Dr. Pascal Pinto

Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Dr. Vijay Pujar

Paediatric Surgeon

Dr. S. M. Kottrashetti

Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Patil

Ortho Dentist

Dr. Kavita Mogale


Dr. B. K. Hukkeri


Dr. Sujata Jali


Dr. P. F. Kotur


Dr. C. S. Sanikop


Dr. Vandana Gogate


Mrs. Karmakar

Nurse Co-ordinator

Dr. R. N. Patil


Anil Harugop


From 1st April 2002 to 30th June 2002 the Centre has performed 1000 Cleft Lip Palate has given the Centre eaters to patients from North, central Karnataka, Goa, South Maharashtra.

Research paper in

Growth assessment in cleft Lip-Palate Patients
Collagen dressing for Burns Wards
Early Tangential Excision &Grafting for Burns
Trained: - Lipostructring & Endosupic Plastic Surgery in Frances

Areas of special Interest

Cleft Lip-Palate Surgeon
Cosmetic Surgeons


K.L.E.S. Smile Train Project

Cleft & Cronio Facial Centre,
Department of Plastic Surgery,
KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC

Phone: 473866. 473777 (Ext n: 1324)

Email: - smiletrainp@sify.com

Contact Person..

Dr. Rajesh S. Powar
M.S. M.CH. DNB. (Plastic Surgery)

Residence Address:
Om - 625, Sector 5,
Shrinagar MM Extension,

Phone: 454864; Mobile: 98440 45864

Smile Train Project Photographs

Before Surgery After Surgery Before Surgery After Surgery

Before Surgery After Surgery Before Surgery After Surgery

Before Surgery After Surgery Before Surgery After Surgery



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