Accident Emergency (TC & EMS)

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Dr. Basavaraj Adivyappa Bijjargi

Trauma Care & Emergency Medical Services (TC & EMS)

For administrative purpose & proper functioning of TC & EMS Administrator TC & EMS, OT Services is over all in charge.

The goal is to establish efficient and effective TC & EMS services to reduce disability, morbidity and mortality in hospitals by providing right treatment at right time, right place, with right resources, science, sympathy and speed.

The TC & EMS center operates a 24-hour service manned with round clock CMO’s;Post Graduates,Consultants and provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, which may be life threatening and require immediate attention. All efforts are made to provide all essential care and investigation in the same hospital premises to save the life of trauma/emergency patients.

No patient requiring emergency medical care shall be refused adequate treatment even if no bed is available and the particular specialisation is non-existent.

The TC & EMS Unit provides immediate appropriate lifesaving care and service both efficient & effective and sensitive to emotional needs and arrange subsequent disposition.

The TC & EMS Unit serves the definitive specialised care facility, properly equipped and staffed to provide rapid and varied emergency care to all people with life-threatening conditions.

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Dr. Basavaraj Adivyappa Bijjargi

M.B.B.S, D.Ortho, P.G. Diploma In Hospital Management