Advanced dental problems of carious teeth

Tooth ache is an issue which is faced by almost each and every person at some point of their life.
Some people think of intervening at that stage and protect their oral health but most of the people ignore it by use of Analgesies when people ignore the tooth ache it leads to a great bundles of problem which can be easily managed at early stage but are difficult to manage at a later stage. So here we would discuss the problems which are caused due to ignorance of tooth ache.

  • Abscess:
    • Abscess is collection of pus or other inflammatary exudates in the bony trabeculae
    • Abscess is a major cause of pain and swelling experienced by people due to ignorance of tooth decay
    • The Abscess leads to a swelling which in turn can cause fever to patient and also difficulty for ormal day to day functioning of the oral cavity.
  • Cyst:
    • Cyst is a collection of either fluids or inflammatory exudates in the oral cavity which is encircled in a pouch of epithelium or cells.
    • The cyst when in initial stages can be easily treated with Root canal treatment but when it is ignored increases the depth of surgical treatment required for solving the issue
    • The cyst when increases in size can lead to destruction of your adjacent structures like your bone (alveolus), your adjacent teeth and also happens to disturb the normal anatomy of your oral cavity.
  • Space infection:
    • It is the most deadly consequence of dental decay which is very difficult to be managed with antibiotics and analgesics
    • If the infection is ignored at the level abscess and cyst, it may progress to this stage.
    • In space infection, the spaces are filled with pus or other inflammatory exudates which leads to bony hard swelling and also involves your lymph nodes
    • The space infection needs to be treated as early as possible it may have life threatening consequences as depression of respiratory function and also deprivation of nutrition

How dental decay can be recognized

  • If there is a black discoloration seen on the teeth
  • If there is continuous food enlodgement on the teeth
  • If there is fracture of tooth structure
  • If there is pain during consumption of hot / cold food items

How dental decay can be prevented

  • Maintenance of good oral hygiene.
  • Brushing 2 times daily.
  • Using mouth wash once a week
  • Using floss for cleaning interdental areas (area between teeth).
  • Gargling after consumption of any food item.

Treatments to be done

  • Dental filling for initial stage of caries
  • Root canal therapy for deep infecting caries.
  • Extraction of completely decayed teeth and its replacement

For advanced dental problems contact Department of oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, OPD
No 1, KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC
For regular dental problems, please contact/ visit KLE VK institute of Dental Sciences, Nehru Nagar, Belagavi

Dr. Shridhar Damodar Baliga.
Professor & Head of Department,
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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