Joint Replacement

This unit has been established to help patients with arthritis and injuries of the joints mainly the hip, knee and ankle. The Unit is headed by Dr. Rajendra Bhandankar who has been trained in the United Kingdom for last five years under eminent surgeons to perform Joint Replacements and Arthroscopic procedures.

Arthritis is a condition in which joint surfaces get worn out causing pain, swelling and stiffness of the affected joints. Often the hip and knee joints are involved. Arthritis can be due to different reasons, commonest being due to advancing age. Other causes are Rheumatoid arthritis, following severe joint injury, long-term steroid treatment etc.

The treatment of arthritis in the initial stages is by means of medications. Regular exercise, loosing weight, using a walking stick and avoiding injury to the affected joints will also substantially help reducing the symptoms.

In the advanced stages of the disease the medical management is not effective and patient may suffer from side effects of the painkillers if taken on a regular basis for prolonged periods. Patient also suffers from restricted mobility, which may affect the activities of daily living like walking and taking care of personal hygiene.

There are two surgical options in the management of arthritis of the knee depending on the severity of the disease. In moderately severe disease washout of the knee using a keyhole surgery (Arthroscopy) will temporarily relieve the symptoms for a few months to years. The advantage of this procedure is that it is a relatively minor operation. The disadvantage is that it is a temporary cure. The only way to permanently cure the joint pain is Total Knee Replacement. In this operation the worn joint surfaces are removed and replaced with metal and plastic surfaces. The benefits of surgery are manifold. It completely relieves the patient of pain. The range of movement of the joint is improved thereby radically increasing the distance and duration for which a patient can walk or stand. The deformity of the leg is corrected so also the limp caused by shortening of the limp.

The patient can sit out of bed next day and is walking with the aid of crutches or walker in 2-3 days. The walking distance is slowly increased. The patient is discharged from the hospital in 12-14 days when he is independent and bending the knee to 90 degrees.

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement is a replacement of damaged or arthritic surfaces of the hip joint with materials to restore the integrity of joint. Most often materials are made of metals and plastics. This will completely cure the pain and correct all the deformities.

A plastic socket and metal ball and stem fixed to the bone with bone cement. Patient had complete relief of pain and started walking next day with full weight on his legs.

There are a few complications of joint replacement but fortunately they are rare.

At 40, even if there is no complaint, the first baseline study should be done by all those individuals who lead a stressful life. Periodical health check- ups is a concept which is gaining importance and is directly affecting the mortality/ morbidity rate.

Before operation, complete destruction of joint surfaces with deformity of the knee, swelling and pain

After operation, deformity fully corrected and joint surfaces restored

X-ray of the patients hip joints showing severe arthritis in the left hip joint with destruction of the joint surfaces

X-ray of the same patient after operation

  • Dr Sarang Shete



    MD (Physician) DNB (Orthopaedics surgery ) MNAMS



    – Fellowship in primary & revision joint replacement surgeries from SHALBY hospitals. Ahmedabad. India.


    Speciality Interests:

    • Knees & hips surgery including shoulder & elbow replacements.

    • Contemporary Fracture fixations including Complex trauma surgery.

    • Staged & non-staged revision arthroplasty & Periprosthetic complications.



    Dr Sarang Shete completed his Orthopaedic Surgical training as an DNB (Diplomate of National board) from Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopedics, (DITO) at Sant Parmanand New Delhi.

    Having completed his orthopaedic training at DITO, Dr. Sarang obtained his further experience in field of orthopedics at numerous multispecialty hospitals in India as.

    • Moolchand Multispecialty Hospitals. New Delhi.

    • Madan Mohan Government Hospital of National capital territory.New Delhi.

    • Lokmanya Tilak Government Medical College & Municipal Hospital, Sion. Mumbai.

    Besides this, he has previously worked, in Trauma & orthopedics departments of following institutes at New Delhi to name a few like:

    • Jaiprakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre. AIIMS (All India Institute of medical sciences) New Delhi.

    • Safdarjung Hospital (CIO- central institute of orthopedics).

    • Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital. (Formerly Willingdon Hospital,New Delhi)

    Soon after his orthopedics registrarship in Mumbai he completed clinical fellowship at Hip Arthroplasty unit under eminent Joint replacement surgeon Dr J.Pachore at Shalby hospitals, Ahmadabad in Gujrat India.

    He further continued his work in adult joint reconstruction surgeries as a Classified specialist in joint replacement team at Artemis hospitals. Gurgaon. India.


    Memberships/ Professional Associations:

    Dr. Sarang is an member of various medical, Orthopedics & Joint replacement organisations as:

    • Medical council of india(MCI) 31056

    • Delhi medical council member(DMC) 38304

    • Member of karnataka Medical council(KMC)

    • Indian orthopaedics Association member(IOA)LM 9490

    • Member of Indian society of Hips & knee Surgeons (ISHKS) 345

    • MNAMS (Member National Academy of Medical sciences) (Since 17th july2013) New DELHI. INDIA


    Awards /Research / Presentations:

    Dr Sarang Shete has been winner of prestigious Delhi P.G (Post graduates) quiz conducted by DOA- Delhi Orthopedic Association in MIDCON conference, & was Awarded in recognition for the work done at Sant Parmanand Hospital Annual function in 2012. New Delhi. He has attended numerous conferences & workshops in the field of Orthopedics & Arthroplasty.

    • A prospective study titled “Functional Outcome of unstable fractures of distal end radius treated with Volar LCP” study paper & article published in oral Presentation category in October 2012 Asia pacific conference held at New Delhi & same paper presented in Chennai IOACON. (Indian Orthopedic Association’s Annual Conference) in December 2012.

    • Published article in peer reviewed JCOT- Journal of clinical Orthopedics & Trauma in January 2013, titled “Arthroscopic excision of subacromial Osteochondroma causing impingement in a patient with diaphyseal achalasia”.

    • AO basic course on “Principles in operative fracture management” held at New Delhi in2010

    • TENS Titanium Elastic Stable Intramedullary nailing course WIROC conference MUMBAI 2011.

    Dr Sarang Shete has gained varied exposure in field of arthroplasty & worked with eminent surgeons of this Country & has been treating international patients from ex-CIS countries (uzbekistan/Russia/kazakhstan) & other nationalities like Iraq,Nigeria,Fiji & other gulf countries.Besides traditional Arthroplasty surgeries he has experience in latest CAS technology (Computer Assisted Surgeries) & other contemporary methods in execution of Joint surgeries.

    Currently he works as an joint replacement surgeon in Joint replacement and Arthroscopy unit at KLE hospitals.


    His OPD days are:

    Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday. (9.00 AM to 5.00 PM)
    Telephone No : 0091-0831-2473777
    Extension no: 1312 & 1327
    Joint Replacement Unit at Department of Orthopedics .
    KLE’S Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital.
    BELAGAVI – 590 010