Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition commonly known as ‘Dama’ ‘Allergy’ ‘Dhap’ etc.

It is a significant health issue affecting almost 340 million people Worldwide including individuals of all the age groups.

It is caused mainly by genetic factors and environmental exposure to allergens.

Commonly found aero-allergens are dust mites, pollens, moulds, yeast, pet dander etc.

It is the airway hypersensitivity due to various triggers causing the symptoms of chest pain, cough, wheeze, breathlessness ,which will be seasonal or episodic

It has got diurnal variation,exposure to cold, stress, exercise, smoke and respiratory irritants.

This condition is diagnosed by clinical examination and diagnostic tests such as lung function test, Skin prick test ,allergen sensitivity testing and blood investigations specific to allergy

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can prevent development of complications and improve the quality of life.

Proper treatment by a specialist can help patients in getting cured and reducing mortality and morbidity .

Dr. Bhagyashri Patil
Professor and HOD
Department of Respiratory Medicine

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