Signs to watch out that may indicate Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease. It occurs due to faulty immune system causing damage to joints and other organs. Worldwide RA affects around 1 % of adult population. Possible causes of this disease include genetics, environment, infection, medicines, and smoking. Genes alone cannot transfer the disease to their offspring as it requires […]

Benefits of Joint Replacement surgeries

Pain relief Removal of disease / arthritic surface causing pain and deformity. Correction of knee and hip deformity. Improvement in gait (the way patient walks) Social upliftment (dependence on relatives and nearby people is reduced) Stability after Joint replacement surgery has reduced the Occurrence of falls and subsequent fractures have been less. Increased mobility of […]

Fascinating facts about newborn Infants

As much as taking care of sick newborn infants has been challenging and rewarding for a neonatologist; being part of the very journey of a newborn baby from birth to becoming and independent living being is amazing and fascinating. The world of newborn babies is full of challenges but the mother nature ensures that the […]

Limb loss/difference and prosthetic rehabilitation

Limb loss or amputation is a destructive procedure caused by various reasons including diabetes, road traffic accidents, frost bite or any other reasons. The world Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that only 5-15% of amputee population have access to the prosthetic rehabilitation or artificial limb. The daily activities of a person is highly affected when someone […]

What you can Anticipate During your initial Physiotherapy appointment

During your initial physiotherapy appointment, you need to register at the registration counter followed by counselling where basic examination like height, weight and blood pressure monitoring will be done. You will then be sent to respective specialised Physiotherapy department where the consultant physiotherapist will ask you questions about your medical history, the nature of your […]