Benefits of Joint Replacement surgeries

  • Pain relief
  • Removal of disease / arthritic surface causing pain and deformity.
  • Correction of knee and hip deformity.
  • Improvement in gait (the way patient walks)
  • Social upliftment (dependence on relatives and nearby people is reduced)
  • Stability after Joint replacement surgery has reduced the Occurrence of falls and subsequent fractures have been less.
  • Increased mobility of joints after replacement operations have shown improvement in quality of life and indirect reduction in disuse Osteoporosis or wasting of muscle, hence increase in longevity of person’s life almost similar to cataract surgery.
  • Reduction in consumption of pain killers and hence increase in the life of kidneys and less frequency of kidney failure.
  • Dramatic reduction of Gastroenteritis due to decreased use of NSAID’ s after joint replacement surgery.

Hence Total Knee Replacement has improved quality and dignity of life of patients of age more than 60 years or younger patients with Rheumatoid disease / arthritis/ankylosing spondylitis/as joint replacement surgery gives post-surgical stability to instable arthritic joints-and mobility to the patient ‘s joint!

It helps individuals to overcome their fear of fall which exists before surgery.

Improvements in patient’s psychological behaviour and confidence in walk causes indirect social upliftment and increase in longevity of the patients’ lives.

Dr. Sarang Shete MD (Physician),
DNB (Ortho),

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