Managing Hypertension - Homoeopathic and Auxiliary Strategies

Holistic Approach to Managing Hypertension: Homoeopathic and Auxiliary Strategies

Introduction: Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is a prevalent health issue affecting millions worldwide. While conventional treatments exist,...

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Prosthetics & Orthotics - KLE Hospital Blog

Prosthetics & Orthotics can change the Life

Prosthetics and orthotics are the branches of medical science that works on the replacement of artificial body parts and provides...

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Diabetic Retinopathy - Diagnosis & Treatment

Diabetic Retinopathy

It is the disease of in the back of the eye (retina) due to diabetes. It can result in severe...

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Manasa Roga and Chikitsa in Ayurveda

Manasa Roga and Chikitsa in Ayurveda

Manasa Roga, in Ayurveda, refers to disorders of the mind. It encompasses a wide range of mental health issues, including...

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Surgical Treatment for Large Kidney Stones

Effective Surgical Treatment for Large Kidney Stones

Introduction: Large kidney stones pose a significant challenge, necessitating advanced surgical interventions for effective removal. Kidney stone surgery has evolved...

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Homeopathy's Role in UTI/Urosepsis

Role of Homeopathy In UTI / Urosepsis

Abstract: Definition: “A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection of your urinary system. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is very...

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Frozen Shoulder Treatment - KLE Hospital Blog

What can I do about Frozen Shoulder?

What is it? Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a term that describes a condition in your joint that starts...

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Best Hospital for Surgery - KLE Hospital Blog

How to choose the best Hospital for Surgery

The quality of the health service you receive depends on many things besides the skill of your surgeon. Many health...

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Hair Loss Treatment - KLE Hospital Blog

Taking Action Towards Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hairloss can occur at any age & it depends on underlying cause. Hair loss is also called alopecia. There are...

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The Importance of Footwear - KLE Hospital Blog

Importance of Footwear

Footwear is a form of attire for the feet basically used to protect it from injuries from the harsh environment....

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Shoulder Separation - KLE Hospital Blog

Shoulder Separation – An Odd Injury

What is it? A shoulder separation sounds like an odd injury, but it refers to the over stretching or tearing...

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Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia - KLE Hospital Blog

Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)

Dementia is an acquire brain syndrome characterised by a decline from a previous level of cognitive functioning with impairment in...

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Importance of Regular Check-Ups for Diabetes - KLE Hospital Blog

Why is it important to have regular check-ups when you have diabetes?

When you’ve been living with diabetes for a while, especially as you get older, your risk of various health issues...

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Importance of Frequent Eye Checkups for Children - KLE Hospital Blog

What parents should know about the necessity of frequent eye checkups for childrens

What parents should know about the necessity of frequent eye checkups for children? As parents, watching over a child’s health...

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Homeopathic Management of Psoriasis - KLE Hospital Blog

Balancing Skin & Spirit : Homeopathic Management of Psoriasis

Introduction Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing discomfort and often negatively impacting their...

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Homoeopathic Depression Management - KLE Hospital Blog

Healing from Within: Homoeopathic Management of Depression

Introduction In a world where stress, anxiety, and depression are increasingly common, many individuals seek alternative and holistic approaches to...

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Managing Chronic Diseases - KLE Hospital Blog

Managing Chronic Diseases

Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity....

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Understanding Early Puberty in Children - KLE Hospital Blog

Is your child maturing early? – All you need to know about Early Puberty

What is Puberty? Puberty is when a child's body begins to develop and change transitioning into adulthood, resulting in the...

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World Spine Day - Blog By KLE Hospital

World Spine Day

World Spine Day is an annual health care event aiming to promote the importance of Spine Health and educate people...

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Allergic Rhinitis

Under KAHER, JNMC, BELAGAVI. On behalf of all faculty members of our department Otorhinolaryngology & HNS, I Dr Vishwanath M...

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Skin Prick Test (SPT)

Under KAHER, JNMC, BELAGAVI. On behalf of all faculty members of our department Otorhinolaryngology & HNS, I Dr Vishwanath M...

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The Crucial Role of Pediatric Physiotherapists in Early Identification and Early Intervention

Introduction Every child deserves the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. However, some children may face developmental...

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Physiotherapy in radiation induced trismus (Tight Jaw)

RADIATION INDUCES TRISMUS (RIT) or TIGHT JAW is a common and devastating complication in head and neck cancer patients after...

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Role of MRI in Radio diagnosis and it’s recent advances

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) plays a significant role in radiodiagnosis (medical imaging) and has seen several recent advances that enhance...

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Women’s Healthcare with compassion: Gynaecology services from childbearing to menopause

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has various sub Specialities These provide comprehensive healthcare for every stage of a woman's...

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Useful Hints by Department Of OBG & GYN

Women who are pregnant (Antivial women) for the first time should necessarily know the changes in the body, position of...

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Gastrointestinal Tract Anomalies - Blog By KLE Hospital

Gastrointestinal Tract Anomalies

Gastroschisis Gastroschisis is a paraumbial defect involving all layers of the abdominal wad it is usually night sided with the...

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Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia - Blog By KLE Hospital

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

CDH is the herniation of the abdominal contents into the chest through a congenital defect in the diaphragm compressing the...

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Scope of Obstetrics & Gynacology - Blog By KLE Hospital

Scope of Obstetrics & Gynacology

Obstetrics Antenatal Clinic Prenatal diagnosis clink High risk obstetric ultrasound clinic NT scan, Fetal anomaly scan, Fetal Echo, 1" trimester...

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Neural Tube Defects - KLE Hospital Blog

Neural Tube Defects

Spina Bifida Spina Bifida is a midline defect of the spine resulting in the exposure of the contents of the...

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Exploring Our Life Saving Accident & Emergency Facilities - KLE Hospital Blog Post

When every second counts: Exploring our life saving accident & emergency facilities

Trauma Care & Emergency Medical Services department is manned with trained Medical & Non-medical staff to receive the patient for...

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Physiotherapy for Lymphedema Due to Cancer - KLE Hospital Blog Post

Physiotherapy for lymphedema due to cancer

Lymphedema or “skin tissue swelling” happens when the lymph nodes are removed by a surgeon or by radiation treatment. Lymph...

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Importance of Physiotherapy in Management of Stroke - Blog By KLE Hospital

Importance of physiotherapy in Management of stroke

Overview: A stroke can occur when the blood flow to the brain is blocked or there is sudden bleeding in...

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Recognising the Cancer Signs - Blog By KLE Hospital

Recognising the CANCER signs

“CANCER” a word that brings distraught and fear to everyone’s mind! As a practicing physiotherapist, I would like to put...

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Ultra Processed Food - Blog By KLE Hospital

Ultra Processed Food

Consuming ultra-processed foods can increase the risk of developing diabetes. These foods have undergone significant changes from their natural state...

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The Impact of Lifestyle and Diet on Urological Health - Blog By KLE Hospital

The impact of lifestyle and diet on urological health

Lifestyle and diet can have a significant impact on urological health. Here are some key points: Hydration: Staying adequately hydrated...

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Nipah Virus: What you should know - Blog By KLE Hospital

Nipah Virus: What you should know

Nipah virus (NiV) is a zoonotic virus (spreads from animals to humans) that can cause severe respiratory and neurological disease...

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Homoeopathic Approach in Treatment of Fungal Infection - Blog By KLE Hospital

Homoeopathic Approach in Treatment of Fungal Infection

Fungal infections are common throughout much of the natural world. In humans, fungal infections occur when an invading fungus takes...

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Benefits of Physiotherapy for Managing Chronic Pain - Blog By KLE Hospital

The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Managing Chronic Pain and Improving Quality of Life

Overview: As a famous quote goes ‘Are you moving poorly because you are in pain or are you in pain...

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Myths and Facts about Cancer - Blog By KLE Hospital

Myths and Facts about Cancer

The incidence of cancer is on a rise. According to an ICMR publication, the estimated number of incident cases of...

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Providing Perioperative cardiac care with advanced health care facilities

Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia, established in 2004 @KLES Prabhakar kore hospital and MRC, has come a long way since it's...

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Recovering from an Abdominoplasty - KLE Hospital Blog

Recovering from an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

involves a healing process that can vary from person to person. While many people have successful recoveries with minimal complications,...

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Cochlear Implant – the Hope for Deafness - KLE Hospital Blog

Cochlear Implant – The hope for Deafness

1. what is Cochlear Implant? A cochlear implant is an electronic device that improves hearing. It can be an option...

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Empowering Lives through Cancer Screening - KLE Hospital Blog

Guardian for Health: Empowering Lives through Cancer Screening

Cancer screening aims to detect cancer before symptoms appear. This may involve blood tests, urine tests, DNA tests, other tests,...

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Back Pain - Blog by KLE Hospital

Back Pain

Back pain is a prevalent and often debilitating condition affecting millions worldwide. Whether it's mild discomfort or chronic agony, back...

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - Blog by KLE Hospital

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is estimated to be between 20% and 30% in the general population....

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Knee Osteoarthritis - Blog by KLE Hospital

What is Knee Osteoarthritis?

It is among the most common conditions that causes knee discomfort. It is the degeneration of articular cartilage of the...

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Diabetes-Cancer Connection - KLE Hospital Blog

Is there a connection between Diabetes and Cancer?

The possible link between diabetes and cancer has been a topic of interest for researchers. Studies have suggested that individuals...

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Goal-Oriented Paraplegia Rehabilitation - KLE Hospital Blog

Enhancing Functional Recovery through Goal-Oriented Early Rehabilitation in Paraplegia secondary to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Dealing with cancer is undoubtedly a challenging journey, and when it affects something as crucial as mobility, the road to...

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Newborn Bladder Surgery - KLE Hospital Blog

Where Single Stage Surgery In Newborns With Bladder Extrophy Epispadias Complex Is Done


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Early Cancer Screening for Timely Detection - KLE Hospital Blog

Cancer Screening Aims To Detect Cancer Before Symptoms Appear

This may involve blood tests, urine tests, DNA tests, other tests, or medical imaging. The benefits of screening in terms...

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Poorly Functioning Kidneys - Blog by KLE Hospital

Poorly functioning kidneys


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Spine and Spinal Cord Injury - Blog by KLE Hospital

Spine and Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal injury may be Bony spine injury or Spinal cord injury or a combination of both Causes of Spinal Injury...

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Cerebral Visual Impairment Clinic - Blog by KLE Hospital

Cerebral visual impairment clinic – Help and hope for the special children

Is your kid struggling in school and has been labelled dumb or clumsy? What if this is a problem with...

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Brain Tumour - Blog by KLE Hospital

Brain tumour

What is a brain tumor? A brain tumor is a growth of abnormal cells that have formed in the brain....

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Arthritis Awareness Importance - Blog by KLE Hospital

Arthritis: The Importance of Raising Awareness

Arthritis is a condition of painful, swollen and stiff joints which predominantly affects during the early morning. Due to these...

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Rhinoplasty Overview and Patients Perspective

Rhinoplasty or otherwise popularly known as ‘Nose Job’ or "Nose Reshaping" is a surgery that changes the shape of the...

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Exploring Glycemic Variability in Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that affects blood sugar levels, leading to chronic hyperglycemia and acute glucose fluctuations. To prevent complications,...

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Yoga offers benefits for people with diabetes

It's incredible to discover that practising yoga can enhance the quality of life and assist in managing diabetes symptoms. Combining...

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Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Managing blood glucose levels (measured by HbA1c) is crucial to diabetes treatment including the blood sugars in the ‘Time-in Range’...

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Liposuction complications : Is liposuction right for you? understanding the risks and benefits

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body, helping to contour...

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Gallstones (Cholelithiasis)

Cholelithiasis or gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid (bile) synthesized by the liver, that can form in your gallbladder....

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Facelift surgical complications minimising risks and maximising results: tips for a successful facelift surgery

A facelift is a surgical procedure that aims to rejuvenate the appearance of the face by tightening the skin and...

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Breast implants complications : The risks and benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, which involves the use of breast implants to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, can...

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Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition commonly known as ‘Dama’ ‘Allergy’ ‘Dhap’ etc.

It is a significant health issue affecting almost 340 million people Worldwide including individuals of all the age groups. It...

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Advanced dental problems of carious teeth

Tooth ache is an issue which is faced by almost each and every person at some point of their life....

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Understanding Occupational Therapy (OT)

The scope of occupational therapy is so broad, many people lack a basic understanding of how this type of healthcare...

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Living with COPD: A Guide to Managing Symptoms and improving Quality of life

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a progressive and debilitating respiratory condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is...

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Things to Know About Headache

One of the common symptoms that brings people to visit a doctor is headache. It comes in various forms and...

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Pneumonia, understanding in Pneumonia in Belagavi : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Pneumonia Pneumonia is a common and serious respiratory infection that affects the lungs. It can be caused by a variety...

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Diabetic Foot Management

Diabetic foot infections are the leading cause of hospitalisation for diabetic patients worldwide and in developing countries like India it...

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My Clinical Experience with Gay Men who are Married to Women

After the Supreme court decriminalized consensual same sex activities & relationship in September 2018, many members of the LGBTQ community...

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Managing Asthma: Tips for Coping with Air Pollution and other Triggers

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects the airways in the lungs, causing them to become inflamed and narrowed....

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Acne Fact Sheet

What is acne? Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil. Bacteria become trapped in the...

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Brain Health: Six Pillars of Brain Health

You are your brain. Your brain determines every aspect of your life. Your brain is always "on." It looks after...

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Understanding Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Options

GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. It's a chronic condition where stomach acid and partially digested food flow back up...

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Living with irritable bowel syndrome: Tips for managing symptoms and improving quality of life

IBS is characterized by the presence of abdominal pain associated with disturbed defecation. Living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can...

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Journey of Hope: Navigating Pediatric Oncology Treatment and Care

The diagnosis of pediatric cancer is a devastating blow to any family. However, amidst the darkness, there is a glimmer...

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Signs to watch out that may indicate Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease. It occurs due to faulty immune system causing damage to joints and...

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Benefits of Joint Replacement surgeries

Pain relief Removal of disease / arthritic surface causing pain and deformity. Correction of knee and hip deformity. Improvement in...

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Fascinating facts about newborn Infants

As much as taking care of sick newborn infants has been challenging and rewarding for a neonatologist; being part of...

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Limb loss/difference and prosthetic rehabilitation

Limb loss or amputation is a destructive procedure caused by various reasons including diabetes, road traffic accidents, frost bite or...

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What you can Anticipate During your initial Physiotherapy appointment

During your initial physiotherapy appointment, you need to register at the registration counter followed by counselling where basic examination like...

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