The Crucial Role of Pediatric Physiotherapists in Early Identification and Early Intervention

Introduction Every child deserves the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. However, some children may face developmental challenges or delays that require early intervention. Pediatric physiotherapists play a vital role in identifying and addressing these issues in children, ensuring they have the best possible start in life. In this blog, we will […]

Physiotherapy in radiation induced trismus (Tight Jaw)

RADIATION INDUCES TRISMUS (RIT) or TIGHT JAW is a common and devastating complication in head and neck cancer patients after radiation treatment. RIT is often attributed to fibrosis (hardening of soft tissue), scar tissue formation, nerve damage, muscle atrophy (decrease in muscle mass), or a combination there of, restricting the muscles of chewing (mastication). This […]

Physiotherapy for lymphedema due to cancer

Physiotherapy for Lymphedema Due to Cancer - KLE Hospital Blog Post

Lymphedema or “skin tissue swelling” happens when the lymph nodes are removed by a surgeon or by radiation treatment. Lymph nodes are small grape like organs that are present in the entire body that carry lymphatic fluid. This fluid carries cells that fight against infections and help boost our immunity. Lymph edema may be prevented […]

Importance of physiotherapy in Management of stroke

Importance of Physiotherapy in Management of Stroke - Blog By KLE Hospital

Overview: A stroke can occur when the blood flow to the brain is blocked or there is sudden bleeding in the brain. There are two types of stroke-ischaemic and haemorrhagic. Rapid intervention can reduce the amount of brain damage that occurs as a result of stroke. Who are at risk of cerebrovascular accident? individuals with […]

What you can Anticipate During your initial Physiotherapy appointment

During your initial physiotherapy appointment, you need to register at the registration counter followed by counselling where basic examination like height, weight and blood pressure monitoring will be done. You will then be sent to respective specialised Physiotherapy department where the consultant physiotherapist will ask you questions about your medical history, the nature of your […]