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Cerebral visual impairment clinic – Help and hope for the special children

Is your kid struggling in school and has been labelled dumb or clumsy? What if this is a problem with networking in the brain and can be solved? This could be CVI: cerebral visual impairment!

This is not seen just in special schools, but in mainstream schools one in 30 students is a potential child with cerebral visual impairment. This is a massive deal! For the unaware, CVI can broadly be called as blind brain!

CVI the new face of blindness is the leading cause of pediatric visual impairment worldwide!

Children with CVI see what we see, but the brain cannot interpret it . CVI is an umbrella term for many medical conditions. This is brain based impairment of vision. This can occur due to perinatal hypoxia and seizures.

We all need to be aware of CVI. Aware as to diagnose it, the right time to screen and just show them the right channel to pursue.

We are proud to announce that we have established and are running a CVI clinic headed by Dr Smitha Prabhu in the department of Ophthalmology in KLEs hospital ( one of its kind in north Karnataka). We have developed an indigenous cvi kit affordable to lower socio economic strata and catering to the needs and environment of Indian children.

The more school communities, medical professionals, and legislators learn about CVI, there are more opportunities to change systems to better serve children with CVI.

Ignorance is not always bliss! Lets spread some awareness where it matters the most. Children who are special!

Dr. Smitha K S

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