In its continuing efforts to update the medical facilities the hospital has recently established a specialized centre for diabetes with dedicated and specially trained Diabetologists and Dieticians with cross referral support from other Medical specialities.

Helping people with diabetes, a rewarding task. Diabetes has ‘arrived in India’. This condition was relatively rare among the Indian population until 20 years ago. India has more than 40 million diabetics at present and perhaps less than 50 percent of them may be fortunate receiving medical attention. India is called as the ‘Global Capital of Diabetes’. This grim reality may be equally true In other cities of the state including Belgaum, which is fast urbanizing.

The Chairman and all office bearers of KLE Society, Medical Director of our hospital conceptualized the newly emerged KLES Diabetes Centre in Belgaum in late 2000. Her Excellency, the Governor of Government of Karnataka, Smt. V. S. Ramadevi, on 2nd of February 2001, inaugurated the Diabetes Centre. Since then, the Centre has come out with new roles of realistic services to those with diabetes as well as lay public too. Till to date, there have been 2070 new diabetic patients registered as out patients receiving systematic diabetes care, including a young child as small as 2 months old. We have interdisciplinary diabetes services in the form of cross consultancy, or special management during Surgical, Gynecological, & obstetrical, and pre-interventional studies in cardiology.

Empowerment is a philosophy that recognises the fundamental right of people with diabetes, guiding interaction between healthcare professionals and people with diabetes, be it for care, education or both. increasing the knowledge of people with diabetes gives them motivation and promotes better diabetes control. This, in turn, enhances quality of life and delays, if not totally prevents, the onset of complications, in this line, we have been conducting regular diabetes education course to public free of cost in the KLES premises every month. We have conducted several diabetes free health camps as well as CME updates for Doctors, Primary Physicians at Banahatti, Gadhinglaj, Ramadurg, Gokak, Dharwad-Hubli, Bhoj of Maharashtra and also various places like Mudhol (IMA), Nippani (IMA), Chitradurga (IMA-Novonordisk CME), Badami, Gokak, Belgaum, Bailhongal etc. We did give diabetes lecture series to Belgaum District Government doctors organized by DHO office, wherein more than 200 doctors attended the programme.