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Dr. Mallikarjun V Jali

Helping people with diabetes is a rewarding task. Diabetes has ‘arrived in India.’ This condition was relatively rare among the Indian population until 20 years ago. India has more than 77 million diabetics, and perhaps less than 50 percent offer the century be fortunate to receive medical attention. India is called the ‘Global Capital of Diabetes.’ This grim reality may be equally true In other cities of the state, including Belgaum, which is fast urbanizing.

The Chairman and all office bearers of KLE Society, our hospital’s Medical Director, conceptualized the newly emerged KLES Diabetes Centre in Belgaum in late 2000: her Excellency, the Governor of Government of Karnataka, Smt. V. S. Ramadevi, on the 2nd of February 2001, inaugurated the Diabetes Centre. Since then, the Centre has developed new roles of realistic services to those with diabetes and the lay public. To date, there have been nearly 20,000 new types two diabetic and 492 type1 diabetic patients registered as outpatients receiving routine diabetes care, including a young child as small as two months old. We have interdisciplinary diabetes services in the form of cross-consultancy or exceptional management during Surgical, Gynaecological, & obstetrical, and pre-interventional studies in cardiology.

Vision: The department aims to provide care for the sick through Team Work, Education, and Research. The guiding principles for attaining this vision are:

  • Team Work
  • Quality Patient Care
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

Mission: The mission is to provide high-quality treatment at an affordable cost under one roof in the settings of Education and Research.

Patient Department (OPD)
OPD of Diabetes Centre (OPD NO-5) is located in CAUVERY -ground floor of the hospital and runs for six days a week (Monday to Saturday)

  • Paediatric Diabetes Clinic (Part of IDF, LFAC/Australia & USA, SWEET project of Europe union, PenPals of USA)
  • Nutrition and Diet department
  • Diabetes Education,
  • Yoga, Meditation, and Stress Management
  • Ophthalmology unit
  • Preventive Diabetes Unit & Adult Vaccine Advocacy
  • Clinical Trials and Diabetes Education
  • Diploma in Diabetology (KAHER’s Course)

  • Clinical Services
  • Adult and Paediatric clinical services offered can be considered under the various subspecialties


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Dr. Mallikarjun V Jali - Best Diabetologist in Belagavi

Dr. Mallikarjun V Jali

Chief Diabetologist & Professor of Diabetology (Med)

Dr. Sanjay Kambar - Specialist in Diabetes Belagavi

Dr. Sanjay Kambar

Specialist in Diabetes

Dr. Jyoti V Nirwani - Best Paediatric Diabetologists in Belagavi

Dr. Jyoti V Nirwani

Physician Assistant and Co-ordinator for Paediatric Diabetes