Dr. Jyoti V Nirwani - Best Paediatric Diabetologists in Belagavi

Dr. Jyoti V Nirwani

Physician Assistant and Co-ordinator for Paediatric Diabetes
B.H.M.S, CGO, CDISC (BMJ&RCP) Fellow in Diabetes by British Medical Journal and Royal college of Physicians. Certificate Course in Gynaecology and Obstetrics CGO 2009 Podiatry training in Jain institute of vascular science Bengaluru, Karnataka 2013 Certified Diabetes Educator, National Diabetes Educator Program (NDEP) 2018 National Institute of Drug &Abuse (NIDA) Clinical Trail Network Completion Certificate in June 2022


Diabetes Centre


Kannada, English, Hindi, Marathi

At present working as Clinical Assistant and as Certified Diabetes Educator in Diabetes Centre at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC. Assisting in clinical care in the In-patient as well as in outpatient areas and diabetes education to them.

Job Description:

  • Obtain medical history and perform physical examination.
  • Complete appropriate documentation of all evaluations, care, and services rendered in the medical record.
  • 3. Admirable experience in providing clinical care to children and adolescents.
  • 4. Sound knowledge of nutritional development and growth in children.
  • 5. Provided and promoted diabetic related education to patients.
  • 6. Organized and coordinated various diabetes related education programs.
  • 7. Performed follow up assessments for programs through required measures.
  • 8. Keeping up to date about the advanced and upcoming techniques used for controlling and treating diabetes.

Our Centre is a part of Life for A Child (LFAC Australia) and Sweet Project (Europe), Penpals United (USA). Assisting and Co-ordinating in these projects:

Co-authored for poster presentations by Dr (Prof). Sujata M.Jali at Brisbane2015, Valencia (2016), Hyderabad(2018).

Involved as a co-author in the medical publications.

Worked as a Study Co-Ordinator for clinical trials in diabetes

Writer for Diabetes related topics in MADUMEHA VAIDYA MAGINE (DIABETES DOCTOR)


Data entry for DPV Sweet Project since last 8 years.

  • Diabetes and Care Co morbidities
  • Paediatric Diabetes
  • Diabetes Education
  • Writing the articles

  • British Medical College & Royal College of Physicians
  • Member: International Society for pediatric and adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD)

  • Jali MV, Kambar S, Hiremath MB, Wasedar J*, Jali SM. Fibrocalculous pancreatic diabetes in the adult. Advanced Biomedical Research. 2015; 4:184. doi:10.4103/2277-9175.164008.
  • Participated and Presented Oral Podium presentation in “Research Society for the Diabetes in India Karnataka Chapter (KRSSDI 2015) held on December 19and 20th at Belagavi. Organized by KLE University, KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital &MRC Belagavi.
  • Poster Presentation: To Study the relationship between C-Peptide level and duration of T1DM in South India, S M Jali, M.V Jali, Jyoti Wasedar Shaheed G K. ( Brisbane, Australia 2015)
  • Poster Presentation: Authors-S M Jali, M.V Jali, Deepa Metgud, Jyoti Wasedar. To study the Prevalence of musculoskeletal and Functional abnormalities in Type Diabetes. (Valencia, Spain 2016)