Dr. Ritesh R Vernekar

Consultant, Nephrology Dept
MBBS, DM Nephrology




English, Kannada, Marathi

I was fortunate to be first DM nephrologist of Belgaum district since 2009 I’m providing my services to kidney patients & got opportunity to serve people of my district specially when there was need of KIDNEY TRANSPLANT in our needy patients, i had privilege of beginning series of kidney transplants so far did 43 transplants, i was one who did first CADAVER KIDNEY TRANSPLANT of north Karnataka, i have experience of performing > 750000 dialysis sessions till date > 900 kidney biopsies, 43 kidney transplants including high risk transplants my longest serving kidney transplant patient is > 12yr old still leading normal life with creatinine 0.8mg , i have immense experience in ICU nephrology & ICU dialysis/ plasmapheresis. i have 12 publications in international journals, i have done nephrology newer drugs international trials. My goal is to set up ABO incompatable (no blood group match) transplants & swap (exchange kidney transplants) in our KLE hospital Belgaum

  • Did Highest Number of Renal Transplant by a Nephrology Resident in History of KEM Incompatible Transplant, Paired donor Transplant at KLE’s

  • Successfully conducted 41 Kidney transplant including First Cadaver transplant in north Karnataka
  • More than 70000 dyalysis sessions
  • More than 750 kidney biopsies
  • 10000 dialysis catheter insertions and numerous perm Cath insertions.
  • Secured 11th Rank in Karnataka PG CET Entrance in 2001
  • Bagged best oral paper presentation Award in Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN) National Conference 2008.

  • 10 International publications in index journals
  • Patel P, Prabha V, Vernekar R, Ghagane SC, Nerli R. Evaluation of Factors Affecting Wrist Radio-Cephalic Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation: A Single Institutional Observational Study. Nephro-Urol Mon. 2021. In Press (In Press): e118567 doi:10.5812/numonthly.118567
  • Gupta P, Prabha V, Vernekar R, Devaraju S, Deole S, Adhikar P. Management of Ureteric Avulsion During Ureteroscopy: Our Experience in A Case Series. World Journal of Nephrology and Urology. 2020 Nov 25;9(2):45-51.
  • Prabha V, Devaraju S, Vernekar R, Hiremath M. Single stage: dorsolateral onlay buccal mucosal urethroplasty for long anterior urethral strictures using perineal route. International braz j urol. 2016 May; 42:564-70
  • Prabha V, Vernekar R, Hiremath S, Chethan JV, Hiremath M. Extensive emphysematous pyelonephritis in association with hepatic portal venous gas and emphysematous gastritis: A rare case. Journal of the Scientific Society. 2014 Jan 1;41(1):54.
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