Pediatric Surgery Specialist - Dr. Santosh B Kurbet, KLE Hospital

Dr. Santosh B Kurbet

Senior Consultant, Professor and Head of department
M.S., M.Ch., D.N.B.


Paediatric Surgery


English, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi

Dr Santosh B Kurbet, completed M.S. in General-Surgery with 1st rank to the Karnataka-State in-2003, R.G.U.H.S University, Karnataka.

Completed M.Ch in Paediatric-Surgery, from Govt Grant Medical-College & J.J.Hospital, Mumbai,2007.

Completed D.N.B in Paediatric-Surgery in 2013.

Bagged the-1st Prize-in Maharashtra-state and 1st prize in National-Level-Paediatric-Surgery Quiz-Competitions in 2006.

Presented many-papers in conferences and have publications in peer-reviewed-indexed-Journals.

Won many-awards and-accolades. Was awarded prestigious Shanti-Talwar-Scholarship-award in 2015, Won Ethicon travel-scholarship-Award. Won Best paper awards for paper on intersex disorders at International Paediatric Urology conference, for neonatal-surgery-papers in National Conference and many-state paediatric surgery conferences over the years.

Has special interest in Single-Stage-Reconstructive-Urological-surgeries for Exstrophy-bladder, severe/proximal hypospadias, abdominal-wall-defects like exomphalos/gastroschisis, complex-kidney surgeries. Has successfully operated on extremely preterm neonates-with extremely-low-birth-weight < 1-kgs with major abdominal-surgical-conditions. He has expertise & experience in laparoscopic-surgery in children & has had success of thoracoscopy and laparoscopy in newborn babies to his credit. He has made-name in Redo-surgeries for many surgical-conditions-in-children which were operated elsewhere but developed-complications and referred later. He has also been Professor of Paediatric-Surgery & a-dedicated teacher & guide for many a MBBS,M.S.& M.Ch students studying @ J.N.Medical college. Has given many public-health-lectures related to paediatric-surgery, educative-lectures to doctors and school-students over the years. Has conducted many free health check-up camps for the-underprivileged and poor children helped with services for paediatric surgical-conditions @ blind-school for children and orphanages around Belagavi and operated many thousands of cases for free under various schemes over the last 16 years.

  • Expertise in Neonatal Surgeries including abdominal (stomach, intestinal, pancreas and renal) thoracic, urinary, neurological and other birth defects
  • Certified trainee & expertise with completed certified course in Minimal Invasive Surgeries (Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgeries) under scholarships in Mumbai and Bengaluru, and has mastered techniques for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic splenectomy, intra-abdominal lesions and thoracoscopic(VATS) surgery for bronchogenic cysts, empyemas, lung & mediastinal lesions.
  • Expertise in Supra major Single stage reconstructive surgeries of Exstrophy bladder, biliary tract anomalies, abdominal wall defects, anorectal malformations and hypospadias.
  • Expertise in Endoscopic surgeries like Bronchoscopies for life threatening foreign body retrievals oesophagoscopic surgeries, cystoscopic & genitoscopic surgeries.
  • Expertise in Redo-Surgeries for oesophageal reconstructions, anorectal redo-cases. Hirschsprung’s-redo-cases and hypospadias redo-surgeries and-bladder-& renal-redo-surgeries
  • Expertise in supra-Major Biliary and Pancreatic reconstructive surgeries.
  • Expertise in neonatal central lines, arterial lines & venous cutdowns.
  • Expertise in insertion of Chemoports and Hemodialysis catheter insertions.
  • Expertise in neonatal and children procedures like ICD ( Intercostal drainage tube insertion) and pig tail catheter insertion for Liver and peritoneal abscesses.
  • Expertise in surgery for CAPD (Continuous ambulatory-peritoneal--dialysis) catheter insertion.

  • Best Poster Neonatal surgery poster session (IAPSCON 2011)
  • Best interaction in meet the Professor session : Laparoscopy surgery ( IAPSCON 2011).
  • First prize in Surgery quiz competition (Belgaum Branch KSC-ASI 2011)
  • Best Poster award (PESUCON 2012)
  • IAPS Ethicon Travel scholarship award (Indian association of Paediatric surgeons conference, 2013)
  • Best Poster award (International conference on Reconstructive Pediatric urology, 2013)
  • Best Poster award ( South Pedicon 2013)
  • Best Poster award – Chilaiditi’s syndrome in a newborn- A misdiagnosis at times. (41 st National conferenceIAPSCON-2015,
  • Best Poster award (2nd Prize) – Intersex disorders with ambiguous genitalia(DSD) A real social emergency (JNMC Scientific society CME-2015)
  • Dr. Shanti Talwar Travel Fellowship Award (41 st National conference IAPSCON-2015)
  • Best Poster award – Single stage modified exstrophy bladder repair: A study of outcome, quality of life and psychosocial impact. (JNMC Scientific society CME – 2016)
  • Best Paper Award (1st Prize ) – Social continence a new term in children with exstrophy bladder repairs : A study of outcome, quality of life psychosocial impact.( 42 nd National conference 2016)
  • Best Poster Awards (1st Prize) – A rare case of neonatal abdominal wall and stomach burns. ( 42nd National conference IAPSCON, 2016)
  • Best Poster award – Neonatal jejuno ileal atresias : A study of diagnosis, management, results and follow up. (78 th Annual conference 2018)
  • 2nd Prize for Paper- Aggressive management of abdominal wall defects in newborns(38 th Annual conference of KSCASICON 2020)
  • 2nd Prize for Poster – Rare presentation of a rare tumour can we still catch up with management. (PGCON, 2020,)
  • Best E-Paper award – Redosurgeries For Hirschsprung’s Disease: How Difficult And Different. (Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons E-IAPSCON 2020)
  • Grand IAPS PG quiz 2020, 2nd consultant in All India Paediatric Surgery quiz. (Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons E-IAPSCON 2020)
  • Best Research paper award – Aggressive management of persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglyacemia in neonates. (The Association of surgeons of India 80 th Annual conference of ASICON 2020)
  • Best Poster award – Forme fruste choledochal cysts : approapriate management. (The Association of surgeons of India 80 th Annual conference of ASICON 2020)
  • Dr. C. Palanivelu Best Poster award – Enteric duplication cysts in newborn: minimally invasive aaproach and outcome. anatom (The Association of surgeons of India 81st Annual conference of ASICON 2021)
  • Best Poster award – Biliary calculi in infancy : a primary cause of or an aberration of anatom (The Association of surgeons of India 81st Annual conference of ASICON 2021)
  • Best Poster award – Omphalocele major in newborns, Single stage repair, Hurdles and outcomes. (The Association of surgeons of India 81st Annual conference of ASICON 2021)
  • Best Poster award : A case of Chilaiditi’s syndrome : Clinical acumen against investigative diagnosis (40 th JNMC Scieintific society Annual CME 2021).
  • Best Poster Award for acquired tracheo oesphageal fistula in a child.(The Association of surgeons of India 82 nd Annual conference of ASICON 2023).

Certificates: Degree

  • MBBS, 2000, Karnataka University, Dharwad, Karnataka
  • M.S. in General Surgery, 2003, R.G.U.H,S, Bengaluru
  • M.CH in Paediatric Surgery,2007, Grant Medical College, Mumbai
  • D.N.B. in Paediatric Surgery, 2013

Certificate Courses

  • Fellowship course in Paediatric Laparoscopy training Course, Mumbai, 2009
  • Travel fellowship Paediatric Laparoscopy training Course, Bengaluru 2013
  • Revised Basic Course Workshop, JNMC, 2017, Belagavi
  • IAP , Basic Life Support Course (Provider Level) , 2018
  • Course on Hirschsprung’ s Disease Diagnosis & Management, sept 2019, Bengaluru.
  • Basic Course in Bio Medical Research, 2021.
  • Paediatric Continence certificate Course, May, 2022, Kolkata.
  • Airway workshop course, IAPS, Goa, 2022


  • Paediatric Endoscopic surgeons –Section of Indian association of Paediatric surgeons PESI IAPS – (No. 110).
  • Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons IAPS – (No. 918).
  • Pediatric urology chapter section of Indian Association of Pediatric surgeons PUC-IAPS – (No, 243).
  • Life member of Indian Medical association (KAR/15418/6/214/208165/2015-16/CL.
  • Research and innovation Pediatric surgical society, Research section of (IAPS) – (No.49)

Publications – International

  • Pyloric atresia in association with multiple colonic atresias in a neonate : unreported association. -Journal of Neonatal surgery, Vol 1 , 2012.
  • Surgical management of congenital hyperinsulinism in a resource-limited. – Journal of Neonatal surgery, Vol 2 2013
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Publications – National

  • Laparoscopic excision of intra-abdominal oesophageal duplication cyst in a child. – Journal ofMinimal access surgery, Vol 9, 2013.
  • Comment on persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy. – Journal of Indian association of Paediatric surgeons, Vol 18, 2013.
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