Blood Bank


Blood Centre was started in year 1990 with Whole Human blood license & in year 2000 started component section

Presently it is fully licensed for blood & blood products. Our blood collection is more than 18000 units & issued units is more than 35000 blood & blood product to the needy patients in & around Belagavi.

We do components .i.e. Packed Red Blood Cell Concentrate. Human Platelets Concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitate. Also we do regular Single Donor Platelets (SDP) & Therapeutic Plasmapheresis.

In May we have started Thalassemia Day Care Centre, we have 240 thalassemia patients registered & planning for Bone Marrow Transplantation for, these patients.

Also, we have 132 cases of Hemophilia patients to whom we provide blood & blood product free of cost. Our Voluntary collection comes around 95 %, remaining is a replacement. Blood Bank is catering whole north Karnataka, South Maharashtra & Goa.

CME in transfusion medicine is done here for last six years regularly.

Also we participate in external Quality Control Assessment Scheme as below:

  • External Quality Assessment Scheme CMC Vellore-T-209.
  • Blood Bank External Quality Assessment Scheme Jaipur-0244.
  • External Quality Assessment Scheme NIMHANS-KA61, BBNo-3.
  • Haemovigilance Programme of India for adverse transfusion reaction.
  • We conduct 110 to 120 Voluntary Blood Donation Camps every year.

The aim of the blood bank is to give safe blood to the needy patients.

It starts with selection of blood donors, screening of the donors is done thoroughly

  • Blood grouping is done by automatic machines that is Gel technology.
  • Screening of the blood sample is done by cheminuminissions method
    The tests done are HIV(1&2),HBS Ag,HCV,VDRL & Maleria Parasites,VDRL as per FDI guidelines.
  • Antibody screening 3 cell panel is done here regularly if required go for higher cell panel (11 cell Panel) & ABO anti body screening also done here.
  • Granulocytes separation & stem cell theorapy will be started shortly.
  • For Thellessemia 42 patients has under gone Bone Marrow Transplantation from this centre

Other facilities

Accident Emergency(TC & EMS)

( Call: 0831-2551142 )

Ambulance Service

( Call: 0831-2551144 )