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How to choose the best Hospital for Surgery

The quality of the health service you receive depends on many things besides the skill of your surgeon. Many health care providers at a hospital will be directly involved in your care before, during, and after surgery.
The work of all the hospital staff affects how well the hospital functions.
This affects your safety and the quality of the care you will receive there.

Choosing the Best Hospital for Surgery

An ideal hospital should have the following:

  • A floor or unit that does only the type of surgery you are having. (For
    instance, for hip replacement surgery, do they have a floor or unit that is used only for joint-replacement surgeries)
  • Specific guidelines or clinical pathways
  • Well trained & experienced surgery specific nurses.

Other important measures which one should consider are as follows:

  • Patient injuries, such as falls
  • Patients who receive the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage of a medicine
  • Complications, such as infections, blood clots, and pressure ulcers (bedsores)
  • Readmission (to the hospital after discharge) and death (mortality) rates
  • Surgeon’s counselling to patients & success rate
  • Fair information about anaesthesia doctors
  • ICU infrastructure & staff during unforeseen situations.
    • How many surgeries have been done by the hospital
    • The extent of experience of doctors carrying out the same type of surgery
  • It is important that you have these discussions with your surgeon before your procedure.
  • Cleanliness & hygiene inside; outside hospital

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