Shockwave treatment

Shockwave treatment at KLES DR Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC Belagavi for calcified coronary blocks

A team of doctors led by Dr Suresh V Patted, Head of department of Cardiology at KLES DR PRABHAKAR KORE HOSPITAL AND MRC, Belagavi created a history by performing North Karnataka & Goa’s First Coronary Shockwave Lithotripsy on 13′” February 2021 to open up a severely calcific blocked coronary artery in a 67-year-old patient.

Calcium deposition in artery walls can restrict blood flow to the heart muscle by physically clogging the artery. Without breaking the calcium deposit, even the stents would not have entered the blocked arteries, Even if the stents could be placed in the arteries, they would not have dilated properly, rendering the procedure worthless, and subjecting the patient to higher risk and further would have to undergo CABG.

The procedure was performed by a team of cardiologists headed by Dr Suresh V Patted and comprising Dr Suhasini.C. Atharga, Dr Vijay Metgudmath, Dr Sanjay Porwal, Dr Sameer Ambar, Dr Prasad MR, Dr Vishwanath Hesarur, & Dr Anup Hanchinal.