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Dr. Rohan Bhise

Medical Oncology department was established in 2013 .Dr Rohan Bhise is the current HOD. The department has a dedicated day care chemotherapy section with trained nursing staff with facilities to administer chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. All leukemias are treated in private wards with facilities for isolation. Nursing staff is trained in infection prevention measures and management of iv assess devices including chemoports and picc lines.All patients are discussed in multidisciplinary tumor board.The hospital has facilities for pet ct, radio-frequency ablation, microwave ablation, transarterial chemoembolisation and radioembolisation.The nuclear medicine department takes care of radio iodine therapy. The department also is research oriented with emphasis on phase 3 clinical trials and basic research in the field of Oncology.

  • Day care chemotherapy
  • Multi-day chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Chemotherapy for leukemias

  • Solid cancers
  • Blood cancer
  • All other hematological cancers


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Medical Oncology Expert - Dr. Rohan Bhise, KLE Hospital

Dr. Rohan Bhise

MBBS, MD General Medicine, DM Medical Oncology
Prof and HOD Medical Oncology. Consultant Medical Oncologist and Hematooncologist