This Department of Neonatology has now earned the distinction of being a super- speciality in its own right and is backed by a tertiary level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, replete with Neonatal. Cardiac & Haemodynamic monitors, ventilators and other life-saving equipment. There are separate septic and clean Baby Nurseries and specially trained nursing staff to assist the two consultant Neonatologists.

The Neonatal intensive Care Unit was Commissioned in March of 1997 as the only tertiary level referral unit catering to the needs of sick new born in this part of the state and southern Maharashtra. Over the years hundreds of babies have benefited from the highly technical care provided here. The services provided include preoperative support to new borns needing neonatal surgery. Over the last 5 years over 2500 babies have been treated in this nursery with an over all mortality of around 10%. Nearly 300 babies have received ventilator care support. These figures compare favorably with the best NICU’s of the country.

Over the years over 350 neonatal surgeries have been performed with survival rate of over 90%. New born babies, which were originally succumbing to conditions such as intestinal obstructions, Tracheo-esophageial fistula etc., are now surviving on a routine basis.

The unit has a unique distinction of collaborating with the University of Illinois Chicago USA. It also boasts of providing neonatal transport services, which is probably the only of its kind in the country. (Neonatal Ambulance). Since its inception over 100 sick neonates from over a radius of 100 Kms, have been transported. They include from extreme preterm, asphyxiated, neonatal surgical, cardiac cases. Over the years the unit has come to be. acknowledged as a premier neonatal unit in the state and in the country. The first renal transplant surgery was carried out in December 1997.