Dr.Navin Mulimani M.D (Radio diagnosis) D.M (Neuroradiology & Interventional Radiology) has joined as consultant & Associate Professor in department of radio diagnosis at KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi. He did his MD. (Radio diagnosis) from Kasturba Medical Collage, Manipal & on completion continued to work as Assistant Professor is the same institute for about 2 Years. Later he went to purse his superspeciality course of D.M (Neuroradiology & Interventional Radiology) from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh.

Before joining KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi, he worked as an Assistant Professor in Department of Neuro radiology & Interventional Radiology at Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Ramachandra University, Chennai for period of 2 ½ Years and also had short Nero interventional Skill Enchantment training at hospital Neurological , Lyon France.

His expertise include minimally invasive endovascular Management of Intracranial Aneurysms Arteriovenous malformations of Brain & Spinal cord, carotid & intracranial stenting , Acute Ischemic stroke Management, Aortic stenting for large Aortic aneurysm & dissections, chemo & radio embolization of hepatic tumors, embolization of traumatic pseudo aneurysms, artery embolization’s, angioplasty & stenting for peripheral vascular disease , Laser ablations of varicose veins & incompetent perforators . These endovascular procedures can allow treatment of previously untreatable or difficult lesions with early recovery, and minimal hospital stay. Dr.Navin Mulimani is available for consultation between 8am to 5pm at KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Center & on call 24×7 for emergency cases.

The Division of Neuro Endovascular & Interventional Radiology which is an essential part of the Department of Radio diagnosis provides compressive diagnostic imaging and interventional services, trains the next generation of subspecialty radiologists, and carries out research that advances the state of the art in medical imaging and novel interventional procedures.

Catering to need of people & Patients of north Karnataka, Goa & south Maharashtra we provide a comprehensive range of services using the latest imaging technology to diagnose and treat patients at all stage of care.

Equipped with the “state of the art” machinery – Siemens 64 slice CT, Siemens 1.5T 32 channel MRI, Single plane Philips FD 10 Cath lab, High end ultrasound machine & Endovenous Laser machine, the department takes pride in being one of the very few dedicated center of Nero & Peripheral Endovascular Surgery in the Karnataka which performs its own diagnostic test and carries out interventional management of the patients.

The Division of Neuro Endovascular & Interventional Radiology conducts its own OPD (Out Patient Department) and IPD (In Patient Department)services OPD is conduct in Room no – 1 and Room no – 84 where patients undergo detailed evaluation for neurovascular , Aortic Peripheral arterial & venous disease and / or referred patients for nonvascular interventional procedures. Patients who come with complaints of gangrene, pain on walking, non-healing wounds & ulcer ,leg swelling, varicose veins ,pain in legs ,ulcer, stroke or paralysis and limb threatening trauma undergo detailed evaluation using “state of the Art” equipotent in a non-invasive lab by a group of specialist interventional Radiologists who deceits blockage in the arteries and also predicts future blockages. Round the clock, 24×7 emergency services for emergency procedures are also provided by the department.

The division provides overall management of all neurovascular & Peripheral vascular disease and also arranges medical & public awareness lectures, camps and seminars for various medical associations, NGOs and corporate house to increase the awareness of this new super – specialty.

Neuro Endovascular & Interventional Radiology Procedures

  • Neuro endovascular Interventional Embolisations

    • Aneurysms

    • AVMs

    • VOGM (Vein of Galen Malformations)

    • Non Gaelic AV Fistulas

    • Dural arteriovenous fistula (DAVF)

    • Carotid – cavernous fistula (CCF)

    • Spinal Vascular Malformation.

    • Craniofacial Vascular malformation

    • HNF Tumors

    • Spinal tumors

    • Epistaxis

    • Post traumatic arteriovenous fistula

    • Traumatic arterial Injuries

  • Acute stroke Thrombolysis using mechanical stent retrievers and Aspiration Systems

  • Carotid & Intracranial stenting

  • Endovascular Treatment of Vasospasm

    • Nimodipine infusion

    • Balloon Angioplasty

  • Endovascular Blood sampling from Inferior Petrosal Sinus and Cavernous Sinus

  • Miscellaneous Endovascular procedure

    • Super selective Chemotherapy of brain tumors

    • Temporary Balloon occlusion test of the internal carotid artery

    • Direct percutaneous glue injection in tumors

Peripheral Endovascular and Intervention Radiological Procedures

  • Arterial and venous endovascular Percutaneous Transluminal non – coronary angioplasty and /or stenting

  • Endovascular Thrombolysis

    • Peripheral vascular occlusion

    • Acute thromboembolism

    • Vascular graft occlusion

  • Aortic stenting for aortic dissections & aneurysms

  • Endovascular Embolization

    • Peripheral aneurysm embolization

    • Peripheral AVM embolization

    • Peripheral AVM /AVF embolization

    • Hemoptysis

    • Gastro intestinal bleeding

    • Epistaxis

    • Uterine artery embolization

    • Testicular Vein embolization varicoceles

    • Ovarian Vein embolization

    • Acute hematuria due to disease process or post nephrostomy

    • Aortopulmonary collaterals before or after surgery for congenital heart disease

  • Endovascular Peripheral AVF Closure

    • Stent Graft Placements

  • Endovascular venous Procedures

    • Superior Vena caval venoplasty and stenting

    • Inferior Vena cava venoplasty and stenting

    • Inferior Vena cava filter placement for deep vein thrombosis

    • Varicose vein ablation using laser or radio frequency

Non-Vascular Intervention

  • Musculoskeletal procedure and Backache Management

    • Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

    • Steroid injection for painful facet joint

  • Laser & RFA Assisted Nonvascular intervention

    • Percutaneous laser ablation of varicose veins and incompetent perforates

    • RFA ablation of osteoid osteoma, tumors of liver, kidney & other organs

  • Trachea Bronchial Procedure’s

    • Tracheal stenting

    • Biopsy of lung, mediastinum and chest wall

    • Bronchoscopy assisted closure of bronchopleural fistulas

  • Miscellaneous Procedures

    • PTBD, bilioplasty with stenting

    • Abscess drainage

    • Retrieval of foreign bodies

    • Biopsy of abdominal lesion

    • CT/US guided aspiration

    • CT/US guided needle biopsy

  • Emergency Procedures

    • Acute tumor bleeding

    • Acute epistaxis

    • Posttraumatic facial or nasal bleeding

    • Carotid and vertebral injury embolization

    • Acute gastrointestinal bleeding

    • Embolization of acute hematuria

    • Embolization of primary or secondary postpartum bleeding

    • Embolization acute bleeding from gynecological Malignancy

    • Embolization acute Mesenteric Ischemia

    • Embolization acute bleeding from Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma

    • Embolization of Aortopulmonary collaterals in emergency for continental heart disease