Paediatric Surgery evolved as a separate super-speciality as children with surgical problem demand better understanding of disease spectrum & metabolic changes. We deal with the special surgical problems of children. We care for infants, children, and adolescents, and also help to counsel parents expecting a baby who may have been diagnosed before birth with a surgical problem. Paediatric surgeons utilize their expertise in providing surgical care for all problems or conditions affecting children that require surgical intervention. They participate in transplantation operations, and like most surgeons today, they use laparoscopic techniques for some operations. Paediatric surgeons are experienced in caring for the wide variety of problems children may have, ranging from hernias or undescended testes, to cancer or serious congenital anomalies.

Department of Paediatric surgery was established as one among the first few super-speciality in this hospital in 1994. Since then it is renowned for for it’s quality care & earned the distinction of center of excellence in neonatal & Paediatric surgical cases. This distinction is possible due to the back up support of NICU, PICU & dedicated Paediatric college.

Spectrum of Surgeries Done:

Birth Defects some of which may be life threatening to premature and full-term infants children that may or may not require surgical intervention require special knowledge& skill to salvage these babies . With the good back support of well equipped neonatal unit, trained Neonatologists & dedicated anesthesiologist helped us to perform complex birth defects.

Pediatric surgeons, in cooperation with radiologists, use ultrasound and other technologies during the fetal stage of a child’s development to detect any abnormalities. They can then plan corrective surgery and educate and get to know parents before their baby is born. Prenatal diagnosis may lead to fetal surgery, which is a new forefront in the subspecialty of pediatric surgery. Application of most fetal surgical techniques is still in the experimental stage

Pediatric Oncology
Tumor & tumor like lesions in the pediatric age group are of great concern to the patients & the parents. In children, the neoplasm encompasses spectrum of benign & malignant lesions. The early & proper diagnosis of these tumors of paramount importance as many of these have high mortality & morbidity. The proper management Malignant tumors needs multimodality of treatment for best results. Chemotherapy (both pre op &post op ) and radiotherapy are practiced as standard protocol in the treatment of these tumors in our unit & many children are labeled as cured as per international criteria.

As the number of deaths due to trauma are increasing even in children. pediatric surgeons are routinely faced by critical care situations involving traumatic injuries sustained by children that may or may not require surgical intervention.

Hepatobiliary Surgery
Biliary atresia & Choledochal cyst are common biliary disorders in children .Aim of the surgery should be to give prolonged symptom life span to these children.