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Physiotherapy for lymphedema due to cancer

Lymphedema or “skin tissue swelling” happens when the lymph nodes are removed by a surgeon or by radiation treatment. Lymph nodes are small grape like organs that are present in the entire body that carry lymphatic fluid. This fluid carries cells that fight against infections and help boost our immunity.

Lymph edema may be prevented if you are able to recognize the early symptoms of lymphedema that include noticing swelling of your affected side, arm or leg or your other body part. this may give you a feeling of heaviness, swollen up, clothes and jewelry getting tight around that area. You may even experience tingling sensation over the entire affected area, at the toes or fingers with changes in skin texture, skin tightness, skin getting hard or even leathery feeling.

Many of you may think is it right to worry about lymphedema?? Yes. You should. Simply because swelling for more time may act as a source of infection. Swelling at the joint area will make it more painful to move making you feel more depressed with altered body image.

Is there treatment for lymphedema??Yes!!

We, in physiotherapy can help you & treat lymphedema.

Therapeutic exercises, breathing exercises, therapeutic massage or manual lymphatic decongestive therapy, compression therapy, compression bandaging Matrix therapy, Vibration therapy, compressive stockinettes, Aqua (pool therapy) have shown excellent results for lymphedema provided the physiotherapy treatment is initiated in early stages.

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Dr. Renu B. Pattanshetty
Consultant & HOD, Dept of Oncology physiotherapy
Prof & Head
Dept. of Oncology Physiotherapy
KLE Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi.

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