Physiotherapy Department

Ph: 0831-2473777, Extn No: 1316, 1317, 1318, 1179, 1190, 1919, 1920

Physiotherapy Department at K.L.E.S Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC is a model to meet the multifarious demands of referrals from specialties and private practitioners as well as the community through direct consultation. The most advance physiotherapy department in the North Karnataka region is replete with all the latest equipment’s and facilities, team of skilled and dedicated professionals.

In addition to all the standard services such as Short, Medium, Long-Wave Diathermy, Ultrasound, Moist Heat, biofeedback, pneumatic compression, Hydrotherapy, Cryo-compress therapy, NEMS, MENS, Diagnostic and therapeutic PFT, Diagnostic, Therapeutic and prognostic EMG, Fitness equipment, Balance trainer with virtual reality back-up etc, the department also offers the most advanced LASER Therapy.

All these facilities are backed by well-equipped gymnasium. Working hand in hand with this department is an in-house Artificial Limb Centre, which not only makes indigenous orthotic and prosthetic devices but also assembles a wide range of foreign made products.


  • 24X7 Service (including Sundays and holidays)

    Department extends physiotherapy services to all the needy admitted in the hospital. The service covers all the ICUs, General wards, and Special wards. Four in-house rehabilitation centers and an artificial limb center cater services for the patients. Services catered through 10 sub department under physiotherapy department.


  • Electro-Therapy & Actinotherapy (Equipped with latest equipment)

    * Lontophoresis
    * Interferential Therapy, TENS
    * LASER,Infra-Red Rays Ultraviolet rays, Baker
    * Faradic foot bath
    * Short Wave Diathermy, Microwave Diathermy
    * Therapeutic Ultrasound
    * Long and Short Pulse Low Frequency Stimulations
    * Cryotherapy
    * Wax-bath, Hot packs etc.


    Exercise Therapy

    * Electromechanical: Spinal traction, Continuous Passive Movement Unit for UE & LE, Treadmill, oblique trainer.
    * Mechanical: Universal Gymnasia exerciser. Suspension Therapy-Pulley/springs and weights.
    * Neuro Pediatric & Neurological Swiss ball, till table, bio feedback SI Kit, DAS – Kit, Hand exercises, Balance master with virtual reality.
    * Cardio-respiratory therapy – Humidifier, Ultrasonic Nebulizers, Lung hygiene, metabolic rate graded exercise programmers, flutter device, incentive spirometer portable digital spirometer.
    * Muscle strength, Endurance, Co-ordination and activity training.
    * Physical Fitness , Hand dynamometers, shoulder width caliper.
    * Manual Therapy, posturograph, scoliograph, spondylograph.


    Physical Diagnosis

    * Advanced Electrophysiological and electro diagnostic tests
    * Conventional Nerve Conduction tests, Strength Duration curves, accommodation ratio, sensory thresholds.
    * Galvanic skin Resistance, pressure feedback
    * Electromyography & EMG Biofeedback
    * Balance master
    * Pulmonary – Function Test (PFT)
    * Digital Goniometer
    * Digital per
    * Automatic manikin for advanced CPPR

Artificial Limb Centre

Orthotic and prosthetic appliances, self-help devices, walking aids, advanced aids and appliances.


• Whirl pool bath
• Contrast bath
• Guidance for pool therapy

Community Extension Services

Camps in the hospital in and around Belgaum for health checkup, disability evaluation Physiotherapy home programs, and Rehabilitation counseling and School Screening. Services to old age homes and 2 day care centers for physically challenged children entertained. Industrial visits and research projects on industrial workers are taken.


Cardiac / Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center: One of the largest center equipped with ultra-modern facility and attached to KLES Heart Foundation, Belgaum. Serves all the stages of cardiac rehabilitation. Therapist uses latest technology and techniques to rehabilitate the patients.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: A part of neuro rehab cater services to patients with vestibular dysfunction such as BPPV, vertigo etc.

Neuro-Rehabilitation: Cater services to patients with neurological dysfunctions such as weakness, paralysis, sensory issues etc. Therapist uses Bobath concepts, Motor relearning concept, PNF, Biofeedback, Movement therapy, CIMT, Task oriented movement therapy, Reeducation, Sensory rehabilitation and integration, Vojta in adult, Mirror therapy, mental imagery, virtual reality for balance training etc.

Pediatric Rehabilitation: Caters to children with neurological, orthopedic and other problems. NDT and SI certified therapist cater the therapy to neurological cases. Also uses vojta, sensory rehabilitation, CIMT, Biofeedback therapy for children.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy Department: extends their specialized services to orthopedic related conditions. Therapist uses Maitland manipulation, MDT, Mulligan mobilization, Kaltenborn mobilization, MFR, PRT, NMT,MET, Criyax technique etc.

Sports Rehabilitation: Therapy extended to athletes and sportsperson of Belgaum, Cater services to almost all the sporting event held in Belgaum. On field and off field fitness training and injury prevention by the therapist is extended. Pre participation evaluation and training is also a part of activity.

Obstetrics & Gynecology: Cater physiotherapy services to prenatal, natal, and postnatal period. Also takes care of physiotherapy related problems like incontinence, minor uterine Prolapse etc. Pre natal post natal fitness classes conducted for females.

Geriatric Rehabilitation: Old age related condition taken care by our therapist. Fitness training for aged, pain condition, weakness, fatigue, balance issues etc. managed by therapist.

Contact: Dr. Sanjiv kumar PhD (PT) for details

  • Artificial Limb Centre
    Ph: 0831 2473777, Extn No: 1320, 1820, 1316

    The center started in August 1997 at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, is one of its kind in North Karnataka, South Maharashtra & Goa to provide prosthesis & Orthosis to needy patients. The center caters by providing prosthetic and orthotic from ENDOLITE prosthesis system, and Otto-Bock a German Company. It also fabricates prosthesis and orthosis of conventional design for different patients. This limb center was working as ADIP (Assistance to Disable Persons) implementation center for department of child & women welfare Government of Karnataka.

    The unit is expert in manufacturing all types of prosthesis and Orthesis. Light weight calipers, Prothosis are prepared and delivered on schedule.


    •Assessment for disabled

    •Prescription of suitable aids and appliances

    •Fabrication and Fitment of Appliance

    •Follow-up and Maintenance Services

    •Repair of Appliances

    Appliances Available

    •Lower Limb Orthosis

    •Upper Limb Orthosis

    •Lower Limb Prothesis

    •Upper Limb Prosthesis

    •Spinal Orthosis

    •Cosmetic Restoration Prosthesis

    Patients can avial facility on reference from various department and consultant. They can directly approach for services to the department. The work may completed within 1 hour or may take maximum upto 60 day depending upon the order placed and availability of material.

    Beneficiary from Government Scheme (ADIP) may please contact PRO office for details and procedure to avail the benefit.

    Consulting P&O Shri Amar Kumar


Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, MPT, Ph.D, FIAP

Neuro-Physiotherapy,  Professor and Consultant
KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre

KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research​ ​(Deemed-to-be University), Belagavi (Belgaum) 590010, Karnataka, India

Awards and Achievements International/National/State/Regional

1. Dr. M G Mokashi Best physiotherapist/ physiotherapy teacher awarded on 11th Nov 2014 at National conference PHYSIO-CON 2014 Bangalore.
2. IAP Fellowship awarded in 2015 at 53rd National conference.
3. Eminent personality award (Physiotherapy) at International Physiotherapy conference “Aquacon 2017” Goa.
4. Physio Ratan award in IIIrd International conference on Physical Therapy held on 17th to 21st Dec 2014, at AIIMS New Delhi.
5. Dr. N S Yadav Oration award at Physiocon Chandigarh on 11/11/2017 by PGI Chandigarh.

Paper and Research Collaboration International/National/State/Regional

1. 43 Research article published
2. 7 Paper and poster presented
3. Speaker at 8 conference 6 workshop and 3 webinar
4. Chaired 8 scientific deliberations/ session
5. Member editorial board of 3 Journal

Dr. Varun Naik, MPT

Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy, Assistant Professor
KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre

KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research​ ​(Deemed-to-be University), Belagavi (Belgaum) 590010, Karnataka, India.

Awards and Achievements International/National/State/Regional

1. SPEAKER at 21st International Matrix Workshop “Systemic Medicine Through Cell Biological Regulation Based on the Matrix Concept” on 23rd to 28th September 2018 at Poseidon Ischia Italy.
2. SCIENTIFIC CHFIAIRPERSON at 57th Annual Conference of the IAP Bangalore 2019 organized by IAP from 01st and 02 February 2019.
3. FIRST PRIZE in Paper Presentation at International Symposium on Matrix Rhythm Therapy held on 20th December 2015.
4. SECOND PRIZE at Paper Presentation 54th Annual Conference of the IAP Shirdi 2016 organized by IAP from 19th to 21st February 2016.
5. THIRD PRIZE Paper Presentation at “International Physiotherapy Conference, Aquacon – 2017” at GOA from 28th and 29th May 2017.

Paper and Research Collaboration International/National/State/Regional

1. Effects of matrix rhythm therapy (MaRhyThe) in plantar fasciitis – An experimental study. Naik V, Singh M. Indian J Phys Ther Res 2019; 1:105-9.
2. Effectiveness of matrix rhythm therapy in the frozen shoulder with respect to ROM and pain- An experimental study. Varun Naik, Sandeep Bhagwat, Tanvi Pathania, and Farhana Bootwala. International Journal of Applied Research 2018; 4(1): 73-76.
3. 5 Days Comparative S. y to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Therapeutic Ultrasound and Elastic Resistance Band Exercises versus Therapeutic Ultrasound and Conventional Exercises in Acute Trapezitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. IJTRR, 4 (3), 1-5.
4. Immediate effects of M2T Blade on Pain and Range of MotionInrecreational Badminton Shoulder Pain Subjects: A Pilot Study. Dr. Varun Naik et al JMSCR Volume 04 Issue 10, 2016 October.
5. 5 Days Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Therapeutic Ultrasound and Elastic Resistance Band Exercises versus Therapeutic Ultrasound and Conventional Exercises in Acute Trapezitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. IJTRR, 4 (3), 1-5.

Any other related accomplishments

Certified 4th Instructor in India of Matrix Rhythm therapy from Dr. Randoll Institute Munich, Germany.