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Prosthetics & Orthotics can change the Life

Prosthetics and orthotics are the branches of medical science that works on the replacement of artificial body parts and provides rehabilitative treatment for the patients affected by diseases or deformities. People losing the limbs or any part of the body caused by road traffic accidents, cancers, diabetes generally lacks functional activities, get mentally depressed and psychologically affected for not having the body part intact. The prosthetic treatment restores their functional activities, confidence and make them socially active and help them perform all their daily activities as normal person. Some birth defects like in congenital anomaly, the person born with a missing body part and in later phase of life it affects some of their function or appearance of body shape. This also is treated with cosmetic restorative prosthesis as well as functional prosthesis. A huge population is suffered by diabetes, stroke, paraplegia, polio etc who takes the medical treatment but later stages they require rehabilitation for post complication of disease. The orthotic treatment provides assistance for the rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal deformities can be corrected by orthotic therapy and the so many deformities can be prevented by certain orthosis. Spinal curvature, curvature in knee, deformed foot are the parts of orthotic treatment. The disabled persons aspiring for sports or athletics are now performing best in their favorite sports with the hi-technology prosthesis, orthosis and specially designed assistive and adaptive devices. With the introduction of proper science in the prosthetic and orthotic field post world war II the world for the disabled person has changed from zero to unlimited. Now there is no limit for the persons with disabilities to be restricted by their disabilities. Prosthesis and orthosis are modern day boon for the persons with disabilities. Its said medicine adds days to life, prosthetics and orthotics changes the life.

Dr Ritikesh Pattanaik
Asst. Prof., Dept of Prosthetics & Orthotics
KAHER – Belagavi

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