Providing Perioperative cardiac care with advanced health care facilities

Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia, established in 2004 @KLES Prabhakar kore hospital and MRC, has come a long way since it’s establishment in providing a quality Perioperative health services to cardiac surgical patients from as small as a newborn to 80 years old.

We have been frontiers in providing anaesthetic as well as Perioperative intensive care for cardiac surgical patients.

We are actively involved in providing anaesthesia for routine non complex to an extremely complex cardiac surgical procedures. We have been actively involved in cardiac transplant anaesthesia and preanesthetic work up and post transplant care too.

We have introduced Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography as an added monitoring and diagnostic tool for Perioperative cardiac screening and guiding the surgical precision for better outcome of the surgery. Very few centres in northern Karnataka exhibit these modalities of treatment and skills.

We have a state of art facility to provide extracorporeal cardiac and pulmonary support in the form of ECMO.

We have been actively involved in academics and research in field of cardiovascular medicine and cardiac perfusion.

We are actively running academic programs for DM in cardiac anesthesia and fellowship in cardiac anaesthesia.

Our staff has been trained in all aspects of provision of anaesthesia for cardiac, thoracic, vascular and transplant anaesthesia.

Our aim is to provide an excellent, world class Perioperative cardiac care including preanesthetic evaluation, provision of anaesthesia, vigilant intraoperative monitoring, Transesophageal Echocardiography and last but not the least , smooth and painless recovery experience.


Dr. Sharanagouda S Patil
MD Anaesthesia
Cardiac Anaesthesiology

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