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Recognising the CANCER signs

“CANCER” a word that brings distraught and fear to everyone’s mind! As a practicing physiotherapist, I would like to put forth how we, as individuals and doctors can help prevent cancer. The foremost manner in which one can prevent is to know and recognize the common signs and symptoms of cancer. Signs like a lump or hardening in the body under the skin especially in the breast area, an ulcer or wound that is not healing by routine medications, changes in bowel or bladder habits, bleeding through the vagina or anal routes other than menstruation or irregular cycles, cough and breathlessness, difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness in voice or change in voice, skin changes, changes in the existing moles in any part of the body, unintentional loss of weight or weight gain, unexplained dizziness, blurring of vision, memory loss etc may be signs and symptoms associated with or may not be specific to cancer.

In case, one is able to recognise the above signs early, it easy to treat it and prevent it from worsening!!

Hence, it is always advisable to keep a check on such signs and symptoms and visit your physician, surgeon, general practitioner at the earliest to be safe.


Dr. Renu B. Pattanshetty
Consultant & HOD, Dept of Oncology physiotherapy
Prof & Head
Dept. of Oncology Physiotherapy
KLE Institute of Physiotherapy, Belagavi.

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