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Taking Action Towards Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hairloss can occur at any age & it depends on underlying cause. Hair loss is also called alopecia. There are classified into two types; mainly non scarring alopecia & Scarring alopecia.

In non scarring alopecia there will be hair loss without permanent destruction of hair follicles. Non scarring alopecia can be due to

  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Alopecia universalis

In scarring alopecia, hair follicles are permanently destroyed. Scarring alopecia can occur due to

  • Tinea capitis
  • Lichen planopilaris
  • Chronic cutaneous lupus erythematous
  • Folliculitis decalvans

Hormones induced hair loss can be male pattern or female pattern. Proper hormonal evaluation is needed in this type of case. Treatment includes nutritional therapy, hair serums- minoxidil, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP).In case of scarring alopecia the primary cause need to be evaluated. Treatment includes oral and topical immunomodulators.

Always check for any signs of hair loss like thinning of hair, increase visibility of scalp and loose hair on the brush, pillows, at time of shower.

Managing stress & avoidance of smoking, alcohol and good nutrition with treatment of underlying cause plays a vital role in the management of hair loss. It is always advisable to visit a certified dermatologist to rule out the cause and treatment of hair loss.

Dr. Bhavana Ravindra Doshi
M.D Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy,
F.I.D.D (Fellowship in Diagnostic Dermatology) Skin and STD.

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