OBG & Gynac

Useful Hints by Department Of OBG & GYN

  • Women who are pregnant (Antivial women) for the first time should necessarily know the changes in the body, position of the baby & mother should be mentally prepared for the normal (vaginal) delivery only.
  • All pregnant women should follow proper exercise, nutrition & lifestyle system
  • In KLE we have achieved in bringing out more normal deliveries with more than 60% women having normal deliveries. Normal delivery is very important in order to maintain good health over a long period of time.
  • We do Free baby deliveries in our Free Labour Room
  • We have the required expert Gynaecologists & experienced nursing staff to take take care of mother & baby
  • We treat & cure all types of ladies health issues with round the clock doctor’s availability
  • We started counselling more people for proper family planning methods. This resulted in more & more patients adopting family planning methods year after year.

Anjali Joshi
Senior Medical Officer
Dept of GYNEAC & OBG
KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC,
(Mon –Sat, 9 AM – 2PM)

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