We are glad to inform that we have procured the most advanced Video Bronchoscopy System, in which we not only visualize the tracheobronchial tree for any abnormality, but it also has additional features of narrow band imaging (NBI) and High Definition Imaging (HD).

NBI is a new technology that enhances the visibility of vessels of the mucosa and also helps in differentiation between inflammation and pathological vascularisation of tumour. On the basis of morphology and frequency of vascular structures it is possible to differentiate malignant tissue and inflammation. It helps to assess the extent of Lung cancer, also helps in detecting recurrence after resection / chemotherapy. .

The advantage of bronchoscopy system is that it helps us in the diagnosis of difficult tuberculosis and diagnosis and staging of lung cancer. Bronchoscope play a very important role in the early diagnosis of the lung cancer and staging of the disease, since further management of the case depends upon the stage of the disease. It is also important as a screening tool for lung cancer specially in the elderly and patients with smoking history. Multiple procedures can be done with bronchoscopes-like foreign body removal, bronchial dilations for stenosis patients, cryotherapy, laser therapy and recently they are also being used for management of bronchial asthma patients by subjecting them for bronchial thermoplasty. One of the newer applications of bronchoscope is use of Doppler Ultrasound through the bronchoscope for evaluation of thoracic lymph nodes (Endobronchial ultrasound) and in placement of endobronchial valves in COPD patients to reduce breathlessness.