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When every second counts: Exploring our life saving accident & emergency facilities

Trauma Care & Emergency Medical Services department is manned with trained Medical & Non-medical staff to receive the patient for management. An accident (trauma) or an emergency (casualty) is an injury or illness that is acute and poses an immediate risk to a person’s life or long-term health which should be attended immediately. Patients which need ICU Care, often present in Casualty and Trauma Care with potentially life-threatening symptoms such as chest pain, abdominal pain, collapse of unknown cause and severe injury mostly due to road traffic accidents, Medico legal cases. Medical Emergencies &Trauma patients sustain injury which is unexpected, unannounced leading to damage, deformity and/ or death. Such patients have pressing need(s) and may reach hospital without prior appointment. They may report to the unit on their own or by ambulance on call. Once patient is attended in Trauma care & Emergency Medical, critical care unit the procedure for the triage is identified and clear and precise assessment of patients arriving in the Emergency Department for the overall management of all patients is done through the department.24 x 7 ER Medical Officer & Team Members of Accident Emergency Unit are available for further management. It is ensured that all patients receive proper care and treatment they need in the appropriate time. Patient is attended without delay by the staff available in Emergency departments wherein sub speciality & super speciality cases are taken care of. Critical Care Unit is operated a 24×7 hour service and provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, which may be life threatening and require immediate attention. No patient requiring emergency medical care shall be refused adequate treatment even if no bed is available. Areas available: A resuscitation area/ beds /a room for patient stabilization is available. Transient area for patient observation and treatment. Laboratory for bedside diagnosis’s Machine, ECG, Defibrillator, Ventilators, Mobile Ventilator, Mobile X- ray, CT,MRI available 24×7.

1099 is the Emergency Medical Service Toll Free Number, Ambulance can be called in emergency need.

Dr. Basavaraj Adivyappa Bijjargi
M.B.B.S, D.Ortho, P.G. Diploma In Hospital Management
Administrator Trauma Care & Emergency Medical Services & OT Services.

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