OBG & Gynac

Women’s Healthcare with compassion: Gynaecology services from childbearing to menopause

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has various sub Specialities These provide comprehensive healthcare for every stage of a woman’s life from adolescence to reproductive health to menopause management.

We provide pre-conceptional counselling, helping mothers to prepare for a safe pregnancy

During pregnancy comprehensive pregnancy care, advanced obstetric ultrasound, prenatal diagnosis and counselling is provided.

Provisions for safe abortions, child birth preparation, painless labour and delivery, family planning, electronic fatal monitoring, emergency obstetric ultrasound and obstetric Intensive care are available in the department

Our women’s healthcare specialists also provides cervical cancer screening like Pap smear, gynaecological Examination, gynaecological ultrasound, gynaecological endoscopy and open gynaecological procedures like hysterectomy,cystectomy, facility awareness and treatment for infertility.

Our menopause clinic provides services such as menopausal health tips and menopausal symptoms management.

Dr. Anjali Rajendra Metgudmath
Professor And Consultant Internal Medicine

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